Gas Sentinel Pioneering Protection Across Industries

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How to sense and detect the problem before it even creates a damage?

Industries face challenges such as harmful elements like bacteria or molds affecting stored goods, quality concerns in food processing, unseen workplace dangers, manufacturing defects, and the need for environmental compliance.

The critical issue lies in identifying and mitigating these potential threats before they escalate, requiring a proactive approach to safeguard assets, reputation, and operational integrity.

Gas Sentinel

AI enabled precision gas monitoring of different gas compositions.

Our AI gas composition recogintion models revolutionize your operations, surpassing human olfaction to provide enhanced odor differentiation for early detection of anomalies and improved industrial processes.

Integrated with industry-standard Modbus and BLE connections, Gas Sentinel seamlessly embeds itself into diverse processes, offering a robust solution for heightened efficiency and safety.

Beyond its gas-monitoring prowess, Gas Sentinel delivers measurements for Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, VOC, and Sulphur Organic Compounds with PPB precision, establishing itself as a comprehensive solution for industrial monitoring excellence.


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The applications where we can help you

From guarding stored goods to early detection in workplaces, and supporting environmental compliance, we've got your business covered.

As a vigilant guardian for stored goods in Commodity Trade and Storage, Gas Sentinel monitors bacteria, molds, mycotoxins, and dangerous phosphine post-fumigation. In the Food Processing Industry, our sensors play a pivotal role in maintaining product quality by detecting defects and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Gas Sentinel goes beyond the visible in Workplace Safety, providing early detection of harmful gases like odorless carbon monoxide, issuing real-time alerts for proactive safety measures. In Manufacturing, our solution contributes to quality control by monitoring gas emissions, preventing defects, and ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Environmental Compliance is another realm where Gas Sentinel excels, supporting sustainability goals by monitoring emissions for regulatory adherence. By providing precise environmental data, Gas Sentinel enables businesses to align their operations with eco-friendly practices.



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