IOT: Vision Industry Greade AI Computer Vision Solution

Innovate, Incubate, Industrialize

Streamline your Operations, increase Safety, secure Compliance and reach your Sustainability and Environmental Protection goals

Industry 4.0
Smart environment
Processes monitoring
Real-time detecting of anomalies and defects
AI aided supervision
Repetitive tasks: event log, product counting, people counting
Early smoke, fire or hazard detection
Asset utilization and tracking
Structural integrity
Preventive maintenance

IoT:VISION is an out-of-the-box Industry 4.0 computer vision solution, enabling AI monitoring of your processes and assets, securing application of standards and generating alerts and measurements.

It allows a quick reaction so to prevent accidents that can endanger the safety of customers, environment, and asset and infrastructure integrity.



From idea validation and designing the customer journey to solution testing and piloting and managing the successful scaling, we provide comprehensive IoT service design portfolio. Our team of experts employs design thinking and value proposition design methodologies to ensure that every aspect of the solution is aligned with the customers' needs and expectations.